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Sarah Stephens

Mel WPark Hill Campus Director

My name is Sarah Stephens, and I am thrilled to be joining the MCHD leadership team, while partnering with you, as the Park Hill Campus Director. This year, I am celebrating my 14th year of passion in Montessori, starting as a Montessori Toddler and later Kindergarten co-teacher, receiving my Early Childhood Montessori credential through the Pan American Montessori Society in 2013, five, fabulous years as a Primary Head Guide, and 4.5 years as an Assistant Director. Additionally, I have a B.A. in Spanish Literature and M.A. in Elementary Education. In 2021, I made a shift in my Montessori career, focusing on educational consulting. As an Assistant Director in previous positions, I developed and delivered several professional development and parent education workshops. I used these experiences, Montessori, my challenges as a woman of color in the profession and society, and my desire to return to the roots of Montessori with a modern lens of equity, creating “From Peace to Equity,” a series of workshops and resources for educational communities. Using Dr. Montessori’s foundational quote of “The whole of mankind is one and only one, one race, one class, and one society,” I use her impeccable work on peace to evolve with our desperate need of equity through Montessori education. As the Park Hill Campus Director, I want to lead a staff that honors and supports the whole-child: as individuals, as members of their family, and as citizens of the world.

I’m a Colorado native who spent a couple of decades in Atlanta, Georgia. There, I met and married my spectacular husband, Jeremy, and had our first child, Lily Cate (2013). After re-establishing my roots in Colorado in 2016, our family grew with Phoenix (2017), and FINALLY–there will be no more–Caleb (2020). In the near future, I hope to have my children join MCHD–my older two have attended a Montessori Charter school for a few years and wish to complete the next couple of years with their peers. When I am not geeking out on educational and Montessori publications, I love to bake, box, hike, sing, binge on my favorite shows (Stranger Things, Blackish, So You Think You Can Dance–with my kids, and The Office–my husband and I have watched the series from beginning to end at least 10 times now), college football, and basketball.


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