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Montessori Schools in Denver – An Intro to MCHD [Video]

Montessori Children’s House of Denver: An Introduction

Rachel Averch (founder and president): “One of the things that people are always surprised about when they walk into a Montessori classroom is, with all of the freedom of movement, how calmly productive it is. You don’t see kids running around and screaming. They are engaged in the work that they are doing. You just see the aha moments happening, everywhere around you, it’s incredible.”
Michelle Heine (executive director): “Here at MCHD our vision is to help each child reach his or her unique potential.”
Sarah Mohagen (assistant executive director): “Montessori Children’s House of Denver has three campuses and the programming is essentially the same at each campus, but I think that each campus also tends to exhibit a little bit of its own personality.”
Courtney Baros (toddle and parent infant teacher): “At MCHD, we offer programs from toddlers all the way through the ninth grade year. We also began with our parent infant program, which is the first 12 months of life.”
Sarah Mohagen (assistant executive director): “One of the most important things to know about MCHD, and what I think sets us apart from other Montessori schools, is the community here.”
Rachel Averch (founder and president): “The best way to find out whether or not MCHD is a good fit for your family is to come see us in action. Come and observe all the things that we’re talking about, come see our community, and get a sense of whether or not it feels as right for you as it does for all of us.”

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Montessori Children's House of Denver

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