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Montessori Parent-Infant Classes in Denver

Parents spend a great deal of time preparing for both the birth of their child and the period just after the baby comes home.  Becoming a parent, however, does not stop there.  The months and years ahead need as much or more preparation.  Taking time to consider how we want to show up as a “Parent” and how this new role might transform us is essential. While knowledge and experience help, even second- and third-time parents find their family unit evolving with the addition of another child, and they must often reassess what they thought they knew about parenting.

We are pleased to offer both in-person classes and online parent discussions to help during the first year and beyond.

The Parent-Infant programming offered by Montessori Children’s House of Denver is a unique opportunity for parents to connect with their infants and consider the kind of parents they want to be. Our Saturday in-person classes offer community connection with other families as well in a safe, Montessori classroom prepared for infants. Parents will learn to observe their babies and can discuss relevant topics with the class Guide (who also provide take-home resources for further learning). Newborns through almost-walkers are welcome!

Additionally, our monthly virtual discussions help parents think deeply around specific topics, take time to observe changes in their babies, and take stock of their own transformation as parents.

We offer:

  • 15 in-person classes per semester on Saturdays, from 8:00 am – 9:30 am.
  • 5 monthly online parent discussions per semester.
  • Personalized consultations (in-home or virtual) are included, upon request.

Topics we will cover:

  • Observation and Preparing the Home Environment (2-month topic)
  • On the Move! Your Child’s Physical Development
  • Mealtime & Nutrition and Your Role as a Parent
  • The Amazing Absorbent Mind & Diving into the Holidays
  • Say it! Language Development and How Humans Adapt
  • Discipline, or Freedom Within Limits (2-month topic)
  • Looking to the Future: The Work of the Brain and What Development Looks Like Moving Forward
  • Free Choice!: The final class will be based on the interests and curiosities of the cohort.

The classes focus on children from birth through walking, so all parents of children under 3 years are welcome to join, as these topics apply to a toddler’s development as well.  

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