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30 Years

30 Years of Montessori Education

In 1991, Rachel Averch and Gina Abegg, both dedicated Montessori educators, embraced the opportunity to found their own school in the Mayfair neighborhood of Denver. Over the next 30 years, Montessori Children’s House of Denver has since grown into a community of nearly 300 students and 60 educators, grades pre-K through 9, spread across three Denver campuses.

30 years is a meaningful milestone for any school, as it’s long enough for students from our very first pre-K classes to grow up and enroll their own children in our programs. A few students have even returned to teach in our classrooms and continue the legacy. Nothing honors us more than seeing students return to stay a part of our community.

How We’re Celebrating

Every month of the 2021-22 school year, our community will be celebrating this milestone with a new theme. Students and staff will reflect on where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we hope to go from here, all while giving back to the city that helped Montessori Children’s House of Denver flourish.

  • September – MCC Dragonfly 30K

    To help raise funds for scholarships, teacher training and classroom tools, as well as shine a light on the importance of physical wellness, students and parents were invited to participate in a 30K challenge.

  • October – Community Litter Cleanup

    As part of our service philosophy and commitment to environmental sustainability, each class pledges to honor the Earth by collecting litter throughout the month, whether along city streets or in nature areas like Central Park.

  • November – 30-Day Food & Clothing Drive

    Students, under the direction of their teachers, researched and selected charitable community organizations around Denver. All families were invited to donate clothing and non-perishable food as part of our 30-day drive. All food bank items were donated to the Park Hill Food Pantry.

  • December – 30 Acts of Kindness

    Each class pledges to perform acts of kindness for themselves and others throughout the month. Students will then be asked to reflect on the experience with a short statement about what they did and how it made them feel.

  • January – Then & Now Timeline

    January will kick off a whole-school effort to create a timeline that highlights key moments in our history, personal stories from students and staff, as well as other important events students have researched. A time capsule will also be created for the next 30 years.

  • February – Celebrating 30 Years of Connection

    Students focus on connecting with themselves, other students and classrooms, families, neighbors, even other schools through collaborative projects, with the aim of deepening each students’ understanding of their place in the world.

  • March – 30 Days of Peace and Mindfulness

    Students will reflect on our values of respect for oneself, respect for others, and respect for the environment. Activities will be planned to help students practice their intentionality within the moment and in their interactions with others.

  • April – Plant 30 Trees

    To complete the circle on our service philosophy and commitment to environmental sustainability, our community will help plant (at least) 30 trees around Denver, helping bring much-needed wellness benefits to members of our community.

  • May – 30th Birthday Party

    A big bash packed with fun activities revolving around the number 30.

Things We Love About MCHD

I love the kindness, support and understanding, and guidance provided by our teachers and our community. And that we are teaching our children to care for each other, our planet and their communities. -Vanessa (primary)

I love that MCHD continues to thrive and grow while maintaining the vision and best practices that has always made it a quality program. Gina Abegg (co-founder)

I love the toddler whisperers in my son’s campus; with a lot of patience and teamwork they are taming the bronco. -Arantxa (primary)

I love that we have class pets. – Betsey (Upper Elementary)

I love that the teachers are so nice. – Ian (Primary Graduate)

I love that MCHD is such a warm and safe environment to learn and grow. Especially now with Covid, I am so happy to have a safe place for my son. – Kathryn (Primary parent)

I love that I get to see my friends and teachers everyday. – Merrick (Primary)

The teachers, toys, and friends. – Samuel (Central Park)

I love MCHD because my daughter loves MCHD and tells me every school day that she doesn’t want to leave school and asks if we can move our family to live at the school! – Anna (Central Park)

I loved how quickly I was welcomed into this community! – Ciara (Staff)

“I love that Mel and Julie have amazing super powers: humor, patience, intelligence, stamina, and the list goes on!” -Betsy (mother of a middle school student)

“I appreciate the peaceful and positive environment at MCHD. The staff, students and parents make coming to work a joy!” – Aleisha (staff)

“Baking bread.” – Sophia (toddler)

“I love having a work plan.” – Leo, primary

“I love maps, the slide, and jumping.” – Leonardo

“My friends.” – Dylan

“I love how excited the kids are to learn and always have something new to show at the end of the day.” – Adele (Central Park)

“I love all the challenging work. I LOVE CHALLENGING WORK and drawing drainage systems.” – Jenny (Central Park)

“I love this community at MCHD! The staff amazes me with their resilience, patience, love, and passion! It amazes me to hear about everything (my daughter) learns in class, and it makes me so happy that she loves going to school, and comes home full of incredible knowledge! The Montessori community as a whole has made me a better mom!” – Momo, primary (Park Hill)

“I love that my son’s teachers know him so well. They understand him and know who he is as a learner and as a person. And they are just kind and caring people!!” – Rebecca, Upper Elementary (Central Park)

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